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30% efficiency triple junction gallium arsenide solar cell (laminate 4*6cm)

Features of 4*6cm Space Solar Cell

The three-junction GaAs solar cell uses germanium as the substrate and is formed by three N/P sub-cells connected in series through a tunnel junction, with a separate silicon diode, interconnection sheet, glass cover sheet, high efficiency, and strong radiation resistance . Application Field Low-altitude aircraft, medium-orbit aircraft, high-altitude aircraft (nano-satellite, small satellite, commercial satellite, large satellite, drone, etc.)

Basic data

Gallium arsenide battery material:triple junction gallium arsenide(GaInP2/GaAs/GeGe)
substrate GaAs cell size:(60.15±0.05)mm*(40.15±0.05)mm
GaAs cell area:22.15c㎡
GaAs cell thickness:0.36±0.02mm
GaAs cell weight:(125±12)mg/c㎡ 
Anti-reflection film:TiOx/Al2O3
Glass cover piece:KFB120
Thickness:120±20 μm
Interconnect sheet material:silver / kovar silver
Interconnect sheet thickness:20/25μm