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GaAs Triple Junction Gallium Arsenide Solar Cells 9.0*9.4mm

Efficient solar micro component technology reply on the space power products, the conversion efficiency is 30 ~ 35%. The thickness of the component is less than 1 mm, and have good tolerance to high energy density and special environment, light quality, preparation into various shapes of the structure of the miniature solar cell module, which can be used in wearable devices and micro devices of power supply continuously, moreover, micro regional composite can be realized.

M1 is a tiny photovoltaic power module that applies 2 pieces of Triple-Junction GaAs solar cell with 29 .0% convert efficiency (AMO, 1 sun, 136.7mW/cm2 , 25C). When applying it on the ground, the standard ope rating voltage is 4.5V and the operating current is 14 .8mA. This product can be applied in fields like wearable products, the Internet of Thing, etc. to directly provide power for storage b atteries and electronic devices